5 Wonderful Places that You Should Visit

modern-landscape-design-stone-pathThailand, one of the most famous countries in the south eastern part of Asia, has millions of visitors coming to the place to feast their eyes on local attractions such as ancient Buddhist temples, amazing waterfalls and captivating flora and fauna as well as gorge on mouthwatering Thai cuisines. There are tranquil islands, deep blue seas, white sandy beaches and a generally laidback lifestyle that wins over visitors to the place. Read and know about 5 amazing places that you should visit while on a trip to Thailand.
It is one of the most popular places to visit in Thailand after Bangkok. The place gives visitors the chance to live a life of pleasure and the many miles of sandy beaches along the glistening Andaman Sea waters makes travelers feel like heaven on Earth. This is just the sort of place where you would like to dine and drink in any of the bars and restaurants lining the beaches and also play some water sports. Phuket became a traveler’s delight after being shown in the 1974 James Bond movie ‘Man with the Golden Gun’.
Haad Rin, Koh Pha Ngan
This is the place to relax in and enjoy a full party ambience. The beach of Haad Rin is famous for its natural attractions but happens to be more popular for the Full Moon Parties organized here. This is a wonderful place with clear blue waters and golden sands ensuring an inviting atmosphere for travelers.
Maya Bay
It rose to prominence after being featured in the Leonardo di Caprio-starrer 2000 movie ‘The Beach’. It has white sandy beaches surrounded by limestone rocks and coral reefs. Once landscaped by Fox productions for the movie, it got back its natural state after the 2004 tsunami.
Koh Phi Phi Don
It is a pristine paradise complete with craggy cliffs and crystal emerald seas, where sea gypsies, Hindus and Buddhists live together in peace. Like many other Thai islands, this one can be reached only through sea route.
It is a very popular tourist destination and consists of caves, rivers, forests and waterfalls which have existed since the time Neolithic man existed. Many adventurous visitors come to the place for varied activities like mountain biking, canoeing and rafting. The not so adventurous ones can try bird watching, golfing and fishing for relaxation, or simply take some rest on the pristine white sand beaches and enjoy nature.

Experiencing Thai Landscape – When Should You Visit Thailand?

landscaping9_big1Every year, Thailand is visited by millions of travelers who like to enjoy its pristine beaches, rich culture, peaceful lifestyle, flora and fauna, religious attractions and savory dishes. Business tourism is also on the rise in this country, which is beautiful as much for its natural sceneries as its hospitality. Read and know about the time when Thailand should ideally be visited.
Come between February and March
The two months of February and March are the best times to come to the place, which is perfect because these are peak seasons save money on your heating and air conditioning bill. The period between July and November is not good, as the weather is not comfortable enough for visitors. During the February – March period, the climate is moderately warm and sunny and perfect for visiting the lovely islands and beaches of the place. You should prepare well enough before planning a visit to Thailand.
Make preparations well ahead
During the peak months, the cost of the tickets scales quite high. Naturally, you should try to cut down needless expenditure by booking your flight tickets in advance. It is also a good idea to make your hotel bookings at least 3 months in advanced to avoid last minute rushes and failing to secure bookings.
How to Prepare for a Visit to Thailand?
In Central Thailand, the February to April period sees the eastern areas heating up. The optimal temperature is around 40 ° C at this time, and you should dress in light outfits. The May – October period sees rains in short bursts with severe storms occurring from time to time. The November – February period witnesses winter with cold weather for only a few days. Still, it is better to carry light woolen clothes or jackets.
Similar conditions exist in northern and northeast Thailand, and winter is a lot cooler in the mountainous areas. It is best to dress in heavy jackets and woolens while visiting these areas at this time. The November – February period is ideal for visiting Thailand, as the weather is dry and cool. The mist-filled mountain fog and blooming flowers makes the area look nothing short of breathtaking.
In Southern Thailand, the seasons are not as distinct as in the Central and Northern regions. Mid-November – April is the ideal time to visit places like Krabi and Phuket. Places such as Koh Samui are best visited in the December – June period. The December – April period is when you should visit the west and east peninsular regions of Thailand.